Advanced Manufacturing
Implementation Strategy

Breakthroughs in manufacturing technology are creating transformative, new capabilities and industrial processes almost overnight. This rapid evolution is game-changing, but can also be challenging to manufacturers. How can a company innovate quickly, adapt wisely, and make the best decisions to remain competitive in today’s shifting marketplace?

To help your company develop the best strategies to stay ahead of the manufacturing revolution, EWI offers the Advanced Manufacturing Implementation Strategy (AMIS) program, a customized service designed to identify your innovation needs and provide a detailed blueprint for direct implementation.

An AMIS engagement through EWI enables your organization to…

  • Evaluate the business impact of integrating advanced technologies into your operations: EWI provides a full assessment of your assets, capabilities, processes, and goals so you can shape your business strategies with an understanding of how new technologies can support growth, improve performance, and impact your workforce
  • Create a roadmap to advance your manufacturing footprint and increase your competitiveness: Based on initial findings, EWI develops implementation plans to integrate new capabilities with your factory floor operations, keeping you apace or ahead of technology trends that are changing your industry
  • Obtain unbiased, vendor-neutral advice best suited for your operation: As non-affiliated, third-party consultants, EWI’s experts deliver independent, unsponsored, best-practice recommendations for using the most appropriate technologies and processes for your business

“EWI’s unique AMIS service connects you with world-class technology experts who can identify current and pending technology opportunities for your company. It is an indispensable roadmap to help you understand and implement appropriate technologies in a systematic manner to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage.”
– Benjamin Rand, President, Insyte Consulting, a NIST Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) affiliate

A standard AMIS project runs 10-12 weeks:

“We could not be happier with the AMIS program, and the additional expertise and support provided by EWI. The approach that we have undertaken has not only been validated, but will also be seamlessly integrated into our operations.”
– Clayton Spaeth, General Manager, REM-tronics

In addition to the full, four-phased AMIS program, EWI also offers the Innovation Audit, an onsite factory assessment aimed at identifying process changes that can be made quickly to improve or enhance current operations.

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