Resistance Welding & Solid-State Processes

Resistance Welding & Solid-state Processes


Dissimilar metals joining is at best difficult and often impossible to achieve with traditional fusion methods.

Resistance welding and solid-state processes have proven to be the most successful in joining dissimilar materials.

EWI specializes in all types of resistance and solid-state welding. With broad expertise in materials science and controls engineering, we are able to be proactive in the face of new material joining challenges. Organizations often come to us with these goals in mind:  

  • Join difficult material combinations
  • Develop tailored metallurgical properties, such as locally softening materials without sacrificing strength
  • Develop customized repair technology
  • Accomplish all goals in a timely, resource-conscious manner



By developing novel technical approaches using established processes, we help manufacturers turn their design challenges into tangible successes.

EWI’s understanding of the fundamental science of these technologies allows us to create highly customized solutions for special applications.

Resistance Welding System

Resistance Welding Solutions from a Dedicated Partner

EWI’s broad resistance welding capabilities have made us a trusted partner for organizations in industries like automotive, aerospace, rail, and oil and gas. Much of that trust, however, comes from our ability to help throughout the development of a new production process, from tailoring technology to developing/executing design-of-experiment (DOE) methods. We use physics-based modeling to simulate conditions, set process parameters, and make sure the solution we provide is customized for the best outcome.

Our Approach

When you work with EWI, we don’t just develop a resistance welding solution and ship it over. We stay in close communication from our first engagement to successful production, and we value your industry-specific insights. We believe that thoughtful process development – that considers cost, material waste, environmental impact, time and more – is key to a successful project.

Our Resistance Welding Expertise in Action

EWI works to stay ahead of ever-changing market demands and technological advances. We’re proud to have developed resistance welding processes like these auto-industry examples:

  • Developing in-situ heat treatment that allowed automakers to use advanced high-strength steels
  • Integrating state-of-the-art prediction methods for assessing vehicle crash performance, which ultimately reduced physical testing requirements and enhanced product times to market
  • Determining ideal local thermal processing procedures to tailor microstructures in critical sheet-metal components, which increased overall product safety and allowed a wider range of base materials

Other new innovations we’ve developed include conductive heat welding, resistance hole repair, and resistance pipe cladding. No matter your industry, we’re ready to explore resistance and solid-state options for your job. When can we get started?

Featured Technical Expertise

EWI’s resistance welding and solid-state experience runs deep. The following are some of our most sought-after areas of expertise:

  • Resistance brazing (e.g., dissimilar materials, large-area attachments)
  • Capacitive discharge (CD) solid-state welding
  • Low-force friction welding, aka translational assisted welding
  • Mag pulse welding
  • Linear friction welding
  • Friction stir welding
  • Resistance-based repair technology
  • Metallurgical assessment

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