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Challenges of AHSS in Automotive Production, AM Predictive Modeling to be topics of EWI Webinars

July 15, 2021
EWI will present two free technical webinars in August 2021. All are invited to attend:
  • Gaps and Gen 3 Steels, August 3, 11:00 am EDT 
    Presented by James Cruz, Principal Engineer
    Generation 3 steels offer many benefits for automotive, body-in-white manufacturing, but they are also associated with cracking behaviors in resistance spot welds. In addition, the presence of zinc coatings on the steel (for corrosion protection) is correlated with liquid metal embrittlement-related cracking. Some of these challenges were discussed in a recently published paper, “Influence of Gap on the Susceptibility of Interfacial Failure for Spot Welds on Advanced High-strength Steels.” This webinar will offer a better understanding of the challenges that can arise when implementing Gen 3 steels.
  • Predicting AM Part Performance, August 11, 1:00 pm EDT
    Presented by EWI associates Alex Kitt, Luke Mohr, and Arushi Dhakad
    In additive manufacturing (AM), post-processing steps are just as crucial to the success of the final product as the build itself. EWI has developed a new performance prediction model takes both build and post-build processing into account. A paper describing this project is available to download. Learn how the predictive model has been applied to titanium alloys and plans for applying it to other metal alloys and post-build processes.

There is no cost to attend an EWI Technical Webinar, but advanced registration is required.

Reserve your spot today for one or both of these events.