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Creating Magnetic Materials for E-mobility Drive Systems Using Resistance-based Sintering

January 22, 2024

Magnetic materials are essential to electric propulsion systems.  Key attributes of these materials include resistivity and grain size. Refining grain size increases magnetic saturation limits, and thus allows for lighter, more compact motor designs.

Using powder-based processing is one way to achieve fine grain size, but the main methods for doing so are energy intensive, requiring expensive furnace capability.

Recently, EWI has applied its new resistance-based sintering (RBS) technology to create powder-based magnetic components in as little 100 milliseconds. This rapid process and its advantages are discussed in Applying Resistance-based Sintering to Produce Magnetic Materials for Electric Mobility Drive Systems by EWI Senior Technology Leader Jerry Gould and Applications Engineer Olga Eliseeva.

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Want to learn more about RBS? Read Resistance-based Sintering: A Breakthrough in Metal Consolidation Technology. You can also check out Olga Eliseeva's earlier paper, Resistance-based Sintering and Its Potential Impact on ESG Policy Goals.

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