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Enlightening Savings – Part 2

May 17, 2010

So a few weeks ago I talked about some high efficiency fluorescent lights.  These fluorescents were definitely a good buy as they had an ROI of just a few years.  However, they are not the most efficient light on the market.  I recently met with an EWI member company, Smashray, who manufactures LED lighting solutions that replace interior linear fluorescent lighting.  These LED’s replace a standard 3 or 4 bulb 2’x4′ fixture with only 43W of power draw.  Now LED lights are not a new topic, and there are many companies on the market who have an LED solution for your lighting needs.  What is exciting about the Smashray Product is that instead of replacing an entire fixture, they make a simple retrofit kit.  If your building is already equipped with standard fluorescent fixtures with prismatic lenses, like 90% of buildings in the US, you can simply pop out the fluorescent bulbs and insert the Smashray kit.  We installed a few units in our building last week and the installation took less than 10 minutes.  It conveniently snaps into your old fixture and even has a wiring harness with a simple ‘push and lock’ connector for your incoming feed.  It is truly plug and play.  Check them out.

Posted by Mark Norfolk

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