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EWI Associate Authors “Joining Aluminum Sheet in the Automotive Industry – A 30 Year History”

February 3, 2012


Dr. Jerry Gould, EWI’s Technology Leader for Resistance and Solid-State Welding, was recently published in the January 2012 issue of Welding Journal.  The article’s overview of joining technology examines resistance welding, mechanical fasteners, and ultrasonic welding

Dr. Jerry Gould

 Gould states that “aluminum generally cannot be implemented in vehicle construction without an associated manufacturing infrastructure.  A key element of that infrastructure is welding.”  
To read more, you can access Gould’s article, “Application of Electro-Spark Deposition as a Joining Technology “on the Welding Journal’s website at:

Posted by Darlene Kerr, EWI Manager of Library and Information Services; 614-688-5224; [email protected]