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EWI Engineer’s Work on Tele-manufacturing is in the Spotlight

March 17, 2023

EWI’s innovative work in developing tele-manufacturing has received a lot of industry attention from both the government and commercial sectors. The groundbreaking technology and systems that enable manufacturing operations and processes to be conducted between remote locations are poised to change the way manufacturing is done throughout the world…and possibly beyond!

The cutting-edge R&D that went into creating different tele-manufacturing platforms over the past few years – welding, inspection, gouging, and grinding, to name a few – has been shared previously by EWI both in publication and video presentations.

Connie LaMorte, Principal Engineer and lead developer in the EWI tele-manufacturing group, has also been discussing the broader implications of this breakthrough technology, which include addressing the skilled worker shortage in manufacturing, performing construction and repair in distant or harsh environments, and even the eventuality of manufacturing in space. Last month Connie was interviewed by Thomas Insights about the current and future impact of tele-manufacturing, and the possibilities are awe-inspiring.

You can access Thomas’s reports and interviews with Connie directly to learn more:

In addition to the above, Connie speaks frequently about tele-manufacturing at professional events. She will present on Tele-welding Shipyard Prototype for Welding (and Other) Applications at the upcoming NSRP All-Panel Meeting, March 28-30, in North Charleston, SC. Most recently, she served as a keynote speaker and panelist at the AWS Women in Welding Conference: Automation in Welding held on March 16.

To learn more about tele-manufacturing or to contact Connie LaMorte, reach her at [email protected] or 614.688.5247.