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EWI enters our finest challenge yet – The Pinewood Derby….

March 15, 2012

In conjunction with the pinewood derby that many of us know, EWI recruited six engineers and other staff members to design, build and race cars.  EWI has been invited to field a team to represent EWI. Our competition will include Battelle’s  Armored Car Division and OSU-CAR have signed up, as well. 

 EWI will produce two cars, and will race during the last week of March. One car will adhere strictly to the standard derby rules, and the other will start with the standard kit but have no restrictions. Sounds like a great opportunity for our creative engineers and staff!

The EWI team will consist of:

Sean Gleason – Project Engineer, Non Destruction Evaluation

Ed Herderick – Applications Engineer, Materials & Structural Integrity

Mary Lorenz – Human Resource Specialist

Steve Massey – Applications Engineer, Arc Welding

Jeff Root – Applications Engineer, Design, Controls & Automation

Blake McAllister – Applications Engineer, Lasers

Michelle Laverty – I.P. Manager

Maggie Perez – Sales & Marketing Coordinator

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