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EWI Establishes New Forming Center

November 16, 2012

EWI announces the launch of the EWI Forming Center, established to focus on sheet metal forming and forging processes. Under the leadership of Director Ron Brown of EWI, Chairman Taylan Altan of the Ohio State University Center for Precision Forming (OSU-CPF), and Technical Director Hyunok Kim of EWI, the new center addresses issues in forming and allied technologies for automotive, aerospace and other manufacturing industries.

The EWI Forming Center is a collaborative endeavor, the first of its kind in the United States. Its mission is to develop and advance innovative metal forming processes, tooling, and equipment, and to provide a technology and knowledge base to industry. In doing so, the center is working and in cooperation with the Ohio State University Center for Precision Forming. The center’s inaugural event, a joint workshop with OSU-CPF on Advance Sheet Metal Forming Technology, was held at EWI headquarters on November 14. More than 60 participants from industry and academia attended.

Supported by a broad array of resources, the EWI Forming Center is unique in its capacity to provide forming, modeling, and joining-related services to manufacturers. “EWI’s capabilities create an unmatched combination of expertise in testing, modeling, and simulation-based engineering to provide practical solutions for stamping and forging applications,” says Ron Brown, Center Director. “We are excited about the opportunity to enhance our customers’ manufacturing competitiveness through the capabilities of the EWI Forming Center.”

For more information about the EWI Forming Center, contact Ron Brown at [email protected] or 614.688.5085.