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EWI hosts Columbus State Community College students

February 8, 2012

On Monday, EWI hosted approximately 17 students from CSCC.  These students are currently enrolled in the Introduction to Engineering Technology class at CSCC.  The purpose of their visit was to give them a real life experience and share some of EWI’s expertise and knowledge about materials joining in various industries

Larry Brown, Director, Engineering Services (above) spoke to our guests about the vast world of materials joining and the opportunities it offers. Jason Murray, CSCC Adjunct Professor, and the students were given a tour of EWI’s facilities.  Tour guides Mitch Matheny, Ultrasonics Applications Engineer, and James Cruz, Resistance & Solid State Engineering Manager, were kind enough to take time out of their day to show our guest around.  Their tour included the EWI Testing Lab, onsite machine shop, the Resistance Spot Welder machine and, a Friction Stir Welding video.  They also watched the high power laser video which demonstrates the use of a EWI patent pending Polygon Scanner for use in laser paint stripping applications which is also used for many commercial and military applications. 

 If you would like to arrange a tour of EWI’s facilities, please contact Leah Kohr at 614.688.5049 or by email at [email protected]