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EWI Offers Services for Offshore Wind Development

April 27, 2023

As the energy sector expands its efforts to find economically viable methods to produce carbon-neutral power, EWI has broadened its capabilities to address this area of concern. Recently, we have reported about our work in materials evaluation for H2 service and our new hydrogen testing lab, as well as our efforts to apply our expertise in testing, modeling, and data science to address corrosion issues in carbon capture, utilization, and sequestration.

A third area with potential for positive growth and significant impact is offshore wind power. EWI took a close look at offshore wind about a year ago with the publication of Offshore Wind Energy in the United States, which examined the state of the industry, plus opportunities and challenges for development.

The US Federal government has put a priority on offshore wind development by setting a goal to produce 30GW of wind energy by 2030. This “30 by 30” target will require the expeditious production and installation of nearly 2100 wind turbines. Manufacturers will have to switch from serial production – the way offshore oil rigs are built – to high-volume, highly automated fabrication systems.

EWI is well equipped to assist heavy fabricators and energy companies to move quickly and efficiently – plus, we are ready now. Our teams have specialized staff, resources, and expertise in place to support:

  • Welding and Inspection – We’ve got four decades of experience developing specialized welding solutions heavy industry.
  • Automation – Today, we are at the forefront of creating new robotic and automated solutions for large-scale applications.
  • Structural Integrity – Time and again, engineering firms and manufacturers turn to EWI to devise new methods to gauge fitness-for-service or to prevent failure.
  • Materials – Our specialty areas are broad and go deep, covering metallurgy, polymers, material characterization, alloy development, and weldability testing.

Is your company involved in design and fabrication for offshore wind energy? We can assist at any stage of the process or work with you from start to finish. Contact Ian Gibbs, Business Development Manager for Wind Energy, at [email protected] or 614.688.5069.