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Have you met the EWI technicians?

November 28, 2023

EWI’s technical team goes broad and deep. In addition to the well-known engineering corps, we have a highly skilled, absolutely essential team of top-notch technicians working in both our Columbus and Buffalo facilities. They cover many key tasks at EWI including loading, setting, and fixing new and redeployed systems; running weld, material, and integrity tests for client projects; and maintaining labs and systems to make sure we operate safely and efficiently.

We have 27 technicians with nearly 250 YEARS of combined experience, and they are a force to be reckoned with! Meet the technical specialists who may be working on your jobs at EWI:

Testing and NDE technicians at EWI

Material Testing and Nondestructive Technology team (left to right): Mike Fallara (metallurgy), Gary Thompson (metallurgy), Kevin (structural integrity), Donny Didion (NDE), Rich Minshall (testing), Steve O’Mara (testing).

The material testing and NDE techs verify the weldability of a material, confirm its properties, make certain that it keeps its integrity when processed, and ensure that it holds up over time. With more than a century of joint expertise, these EWI veterans are among the best testers in the industry.

Welding Processes team (left to right): Stacey Smith (arc), Matt Hay (laser), Joe Getgen (arc) Tim Moore (arc), Elliot Ogles (friction stir), Matt Nitsch (ultrasonics), Josh Shoemaker (arc).

The welding processes group sets up and executes client projects, internal investigations, and new systems throughout our weld labs. Several of these technicians regularly travel to client sites to demonstrate our welding innovations and advise customers on how to use new systems and techniques.

Machine Shop team (left to right: Willie Breitigam, Nate Hudepohl, Mike Lanning

What began as an internal EWI service department has developed in the last 18 months into a fully functioning R&D machine shop.  Through its support of our technology teams, “EWI Machinehas increased overall productivity throughout the company, providing clients with a faster, streamlined service.

Facilities team (left to right: Robyn Staup (maintenance), Jon Moller (maintenance), John Castorano (facilities/corporate services), Robert Oliver (maintenance), Tim Domer (shipping and receiving).

The facilities team,  responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all labs in Columbus, is one of the busiest groups at EWI, with a never-ending list of equipment installations, lab overhauls, and general ‘firefighting’ of equipment issues.

Buffalo team (left to right: Bryan Donohue (AM), Cameron Carter (AM), Bob Herbeck (facilities), Aleksey Shekochikhin (AM), Dan Kmiotek (metrology/inspection).

Our technicians at Buffalo Manufacturing Works in Western New York operate and maintain our additive manufacturing and cobot labs, which include some of the most delicate resources in our network.

Do you need assistance from the EWI technician team? If so, contact Brad Nagy directly at [email protected].