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April 9, 2012
EWI’s Hypersonic re-entry Vehicle: A two stage car that launches another car

In February, the Columbus Dispatch asked engineers from EWI, Battelle, OSU-CAR, and a Cub Scout to design and build the fastest pinewood derby cars for two special races.  Could our EWI engineers build a faster Pinewood Derby car than a Cub Scout could make?  Click here to see videos and read the full story on the Pinewood Derby  event held on Saturday, March 31st.

EWI’s little red Corvette prepares to race (second from right)
EWI’s hot dog of doom

Thanks again to the EWI team for their hard work and commitment to this event.  I think it safe to say it was a great time!

The entire EWI pinewood derby team

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