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Improving Fatigue Performance in Industrial Manufacturing

May 19, 2024

Because large industrial systems, structures, and components experience shifting stresses and loads throughout service life, risk of fatigue failure is high. Improving fatigue performance in heavy manufacturing is therefore an important priority.

The good news is that many specialized methods for slowing crack formation and predicting fatigue failure have been developed in the past decades. EWI uses computer simulation, analytical and experimental methods, and its deep expertise in welding metallurgy and design to both predict and address fatigue performance. In addition, we regularly employ a range of techniques for repair and life extension of welded structures.

Addressing Fatigue Failure in Industrial Components and Structures, an EWI guide, discusses ways to predict, detect, assess, and enhance fatigue behavior in large, welded structures. It also outlines the ways EWI can assist your company when you experience fatigue-related issues.

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