Oil & Gas

EWI leads the oil and gas industry’s quest to capitalize on new exploration frontiers with deep expertise in advanced high strength steels, material selection and qualification, structural design for arctic and other HPHT, and the most accurate RP2Z testing.

Major oil and gas companies, engineering procurement contractors, oil services companies, and materials producers come to EWI to solve their most challenging welding, inspection, and materials-related issues. EWI is the industry leader in developing advanced welding technologies such as hybrid laser arc welding and friction stir welding for oil and gas applications. We are also recognized as the foremost source for weldability, qualification and specialized testing services related to the oil and gas industry.

Backed by decades of industrial experience, EWI applies a unique combination of materials, fracture mechanics, and process knowledge to deliver timely solutions to design and fabrication challenges. Not only do our Associates efficiently deliver accurate results; we also explain them and work with you to develop a solution if your qualification program doesn’t go as planned.

In addition to serving the oil & gas industry, EWI runs the EWI Strategic Technology Committee for Oil & Gas. An industry-based group that works to identify gaps between current technologies and industry requirements, the committee was founded to advance the state of materials joining and allied technologies within the industry, and to assist in modernizing industry standards.

For more information, contact Jon Jennings, Business Development Director, at jjennings@ewi.org or 614.688.5144

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