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Innovate and Succeed with EWI’s Advanced Manufacturing Implementation Strategy

May 8, 2017

Is your company looking to advance its manufacturing processes to become more competitive? Do you want to integrate new technologies but aren’t sure how to get started?

EWI is pleased to present a new offering to our customers, the Advanced Manufacturing Implementation Strategy service. This comprehensive program, also known as AMIS, helps forward-looking manufacturers evaluate their current operations, identify their innovation goals, and develop a systematic plan to achieve success in a rapidly changing economy.

amis3AMIS was created in direct response to our clients’ requests for external, unbiased advisement on incorporating technology intelligence into their business planning efforts. An AMIS engagement starts with our team spending time on your production floor conducting an assessment of your operation. Using all the information gathered on-site, we thoroughly analyze your current state before returning to conduct a visioning exercise with your team. The reality of the current state and the aspirations of your future are brought together in the third phase of the project – a full gap assessment with suggested ways to address opportunities and challenges. The  project culminates with the delivery of a roadmap — a written blueprint with key technology recommendations (including the anticipated impact of each one) and a proposed implementation timeline.

EWI is uniquely qualified to provide this advising-to-implementation service to manufacturers. For more than 30 years, we have been one of the top industrial consultancy organizations helping manufacturers optimize operations, improve products and processes, develop and deploy cutting-edge technology, and compete effectively in an increasingly competitive global market. We offer premium custom solutions to deliver game-changing results to companies throughout the world.

For a detailed description of EWI’s Advanced Manufacturing Implementation Strategy, visit ewi.org/AMIS. If you are interested in initiating an AMIS engagement today, contact Michael Ulbrich at [email protected].