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Joint Industry Project: Weldability of High-Manganese Steel for LNG

October 25, 2019

With the recent rise in global demand for liquified natural gas (LNG), there is a growing need to build new export terminals in the United States. Materials and fabrication costs for these facilities are very high and subject to broad fluctuation. For these reasons, builders have been looking at materials that are less costly to procure but retain the strength and durability need for LNG transport and onshore facilities.

A new high-manganese steel developed by POSCO shows great promise for cost-savings in export terminal and maritime vessel construction. EWI is pleased to propose a new joint-industry program (JIP) to assess the weldability of this material for LNG facilities and develop best-practice welding guidelines.

To introduce the project, EWI Senior Technology Advisor for Structural Integrity Tom McGaughy has written Weldability of High-Manganese Steel for LNG Applications. This brief paper outlines the issues, goals, and work plan for the JIP, providing an explanation of benefits and participation costs. To download the brief, please complete the form on this page.

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