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Manufacturing Innovation to Jump-Start the Economy

September 7, 2011

At EWI, we like to say that “We Manufacture Innovation”, and at least one national columnist agrees that this is the future for the US economy. In his latest book, Pulitzer prize winner Thomas Friedman emphasizes how innovation and education will be the engines of growth for the US economy going forward. For more details on the book, check out this recent Today Show interview between Mr. Friedman and Ann Curry.

For close to three decades now, EWI has been providing innovative solutions in the fields of welding, joining, and allied technologies. If your company is looking for cutting edge solutions that will enhance your manufacturing competitiveness, give us a call at 614-688-5000, or send an email directly to me at: [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you!

Thomas Friedman on the Today Show
Thomas Friedman on the Today Show