EWI associates to meet with attendees at DMC 2017

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As in past years, EWI will be well represented at the upcoming Defense Manufacturing Conference in Tampa, FL,  December 4-7. Several  associates will present technical research during the conference, and our staff will also be on hand to meet with colleagues, customers, and companies interested in using EWI’s services to address defense manufacturing challenges. If you plan to  attend DMC 2017, weRead more

EWI’s Jerry Gould to speak at GALM on August 23rd

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Jerry Gould, EWI Technical Fellow for Resistance and Solid-state Welding, will be a featured speaker this month at the 6th Annual Global Automotive Lightweight Materials (GALM) Summit in Detroit. His presentation, Joining As An Enabling Technology For the Manufacture of New Generation Lightweight Automotive Structures, will cover the following: Technical challenges in welding of newRead more

EWI Colorado – Capabilities and Services on the Front Range

By Marcie Willard on Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 in Advanced Automation, Advanced Manufacturing, EWI – Company, In-Process Monitoring, In-Process Sensing, Manufacturing Innovation, Modeling & Simulation, NDE and Inspection. No Comments

EWI Colorado opened in the fall of 2016, unveiling our latest state-of-the-art lab and facility.  This center of excellence was established in partnership with the City of Loveland, the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance (CAMA) and the State of Colorado to offer the region direct access to EWI’s full range of experts and provide expanded technical servicesRead more

EWI Welcomes Honeywell Aerospace to Membership

By Beth Sharb on Tuesday, April 11th, 2017 in Additive Manufacturing, Aerospace, Composites Joining, Dissimilar Metals Joining, EWI – Company, Modeling & Simulation, NDE and Inspection, Space Exploration. No Comments

We are pleased to introduce Honeywell Aerospace (a division of Honeywell International, Inc.) as a new EWI member. Based in Phoenix, AZ, Honeywell Aerospace is a manufacturer of aircraft engines, avionic systems, and other products for the aerospace industry.    

Digital Image Correlation at EWI

By Paul Zelenak on Monday, February 13th, 2017 in Automotive, In-Process Monitoring, Lab Services, Materials Engineering, Mechanical Design, Modeling & Simulation, Structural Integrity, Testing Services. No Comments

EWI has recently acquired a Correlated Solutions 3D digital image correlation (DIC) system.  The system was purchased for use in the EWI Forming Center for evaluation of deformation in sheet metals to produce forming limit diagrams.  A full description of the uses of DIC in characterization of material formability is located in the following link:Read more

Distortion Prediction Methods for Full-sized Parts Built with L-PBF — New Paper

By Rebecca Gurk on Thursday, February 2nd, 2017 in Additive Manufacturing, First Time Quality, Metal 3D Printing, Modeling & Simulation, Structural Integrity. No Comments

Modeling approaches have been developed to study the evolution of temperature, stress, and distortion in parts built using laser powder bed fusion (L-PBF); however, the long computational times required by these techniques limit their practical use. EWI has developed and validated several improved numerical models to address this challenge, including a layer-heating approach capable ofRead more

Nucor-Yamato Steel is New EWI Member Company

By Beth Sharb on Wednesday, December 28th, 2016 in Arc Welding, Automotive, EWI – Company, Forming, Heavy Industry, Heavy Manufacturing, Manufacturing Innovation, Manufacturing Technology, Membership, Modeling & Simulation. No Comments

We are pleased to welcome Nucor-Yamato Steel Company as new EWI member. Formed in 1987 with the goal of operating a steel mini-mill to manufacturing wide-flange beams, Nucor-Yamato Steel now has the capacity to produce over 2.5 million tons per year of not only wide-flange beams, but also H-piling, sheet piling, standard I-beams, channels, andRead more

Modeling of Forging and Other Bulk-forming Processes

By Rebecca Gurk on Wednesday, December 14th, 2016 in Additive Manufacturing, Advanced Manufacturing, Aerospace, Automotive, First Time Quality, Forming, Heavy Industry, Heavy Manufacturing, Manufacturing Innovation, Mechanical Design, Modeling & Simulation. No Comments

Many manufacturers use bulk metal forming processes such as forging and extrustion to produce complex metal components. Finite element analysis (FEA) can be used to model bulk metal-forming processes. These simulations provide information that is difficult or impossible to obtain from experimental trials, and can determine whether part defects such as unfill and laps willRead more

Fundamentals of Welding Engineering course to be offered in August

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EWI’s next Fundamentals of Welding Engineering class is scheduled for August 8-12, 2016. This ​five-day ​course ​provides ​engineers ​and ​technicians ​an ​overview ​of ​the ​various ​aspects ​of ​welding ​technology. ​The ​course ​is ​organized ​into ​modules ​discussing ​welding ​processes, ​welding ​metallurgy ​and ​weldability, ​welding ​design ​and ​testing ​(including ​mechanical ​testing ​and ​NDT), ​and ​qualifications ​and ​procedureRead more