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Challenges in Welding Lightweight Materials

August 26, 2015

headshotWithin the automotive industry, OEMs and suppliers are fully aware of the need to create lighter-weight, more fuel-efficient automobiles to meet impending 2025 CAFE standards and help minimize the negative impact of CO2 emissions on our environment.  Vehicle weight reduction can most effectively be accomplished by using advanced materials; however, welding of these high-performance alloys poses a unique set of challenges which must be understood and addressed.

To provide a more in-depth discussion of the issues associated with welding high-strength steels, aluminum alloys, and magnesium, as well as welding of dissimilar materials, EWI Senior Engineer Alber Sadek has written “Challenges in Welding Lightweight Materials.” By understanding the specific concerns associated with these different alloys, automakers can select welding processes and design welding approaches that allow them to take full advantage of their unique beneficial characteristics. To read this article, please click here.