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New Guide: NDE Breakthroughs that Ensure System Integrity and Lifetime Quality

June 13, 2017

thumbnail_NDE_QUALITY_TESTING_10172Advanced nondestructive evaluation (NDE) allow manufacturers to more effectively comply with standards and regulations, extend the life of equipment, vehicles, and infrastructure, and reduce the risk of service failures. Now, new developments are enabling companies to implement NDE earlier in the manufacturing timeline— gaining value for not just in-service assets, but during new product development and manufacturing to ensure first-time and lifetime quality.

EWI’s new eguide, Nondestructive Evaluation: Using Breakthrough Technology to Ensure First-Time Quality, explores the many advantages of NDE across the product lifecycle. The eguide features:

  • New developments in NDE
  • Benefits of NDE from concept to service
  • EWI’s state-of-the-art NDE capabilities
  • And more

Download the eguide

If you would like to learn how EWI can help your company be more competitive with custom manual and automated inspections using state-of-the-art NDE techniques, contact us at 614.688.5152 or click here.