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New Guide—The Rising Value of Cobots

June 29, 2017

thumbnail_ADV_AUT_human_collab_robotic_process09243Throughout manufacturing, collaborative robots (a.k.a. cobots) are working side-by-side with human co-workers on an increasingly frequent basis. By assuming some of the physically difficult and repetitive tasks on production lines, cobots enable human workers to concentrate on the activities that require the most skill and judgment. The results—more productivity and higher quality for manufacturers across industry sectors.

EWI’s new eguide, Cobots: Enabling a Collaborative Approach to Manufacturing, explores how cobots are making production safer and more efficient. This eguide highlights:

  • Cobot trends
  • How cobots are safer
  • Why cobots are more intuitive
  • Ways cobots increase productivity
  • And more

Download the eGuide

If you are interested in incorporating cobots in your operations, contact Ron Brown at 603.504.5148 or [email protected].