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New Program in Western New York Aims to Accelerate Growth for Small and Medium-Sized Manufacturers

May 31, 2018

AMPPD blog2Most small and medium-sized manufacturers recognize that to achieve growth, it is important to stay ahead of the innovation curve, to continue to improve efficiencies, and to keep investing in advanced technology. Yet, many companies lack the bandwidth and budget necessary to address these things as quickly or easily as they’d like – particularly in an organization where it is necessary to wear a lot of hats.

To help these manufacturers address the technology innovation and advancement issues that are so key to staying competitive, Buffalo Manufacturing Works (operated by EWI) has joined forces with Insyte Consulting and Next Street to introduce a new program in Western New York called Shift. Shift provides valuable consulting services to small and medium sized manufacturers at no cost to them, to help them:

  • Assess innovation readiness
  • Evaluate business risks and opportunities
  • Review production processes with an on-site engineering consultant
  • Learn about new technologies and best practices
  • Boost competitiveness with the help of a professional business team

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