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Nuclear Energy 101

September 23, 2010

As I previewed a few weeks ago, the EWI Energy Center, Nuclear Fabrication Consortium and the Greater Cleveland Partnership hosted an event this week entitled “The Future of Nuclear Technology in the US.”  The speaker line up contained a series of experts discussing how Nuclear Power is a safe option that must be part of the solution to carbon free energy production along side renewables, energy efficiency initiatives, and clean coal. The day’s first keynote speaker, Karen Harbert, discussed the urgent need to build new energy infrastructure and was covered well by the Plain Dealer.  The second keynote of the day was Dr Patrick Moore, co-founder of Greenpeace, and currently Co-Chair of the CASENergy Coalition.

So why is the EWI Energy Center co-sponsoring an event on nuclear energy and why would the co-founder of Greenpeace attend?  Despite the recent stall of energy legislation in the US and abroad, there is an immediate need to shift our energy hungry civilization from fossil fuels to carbon free alternatives. Although Solar, Wind, and renewables are important, there is a need for a base load energy source that can be mass produced in a short time span. As demonstrated by the massive expansion of nuclear power in the 60’s and 70’s, nuclear power can be rapidly built in large quanitities.  The EWI Energy Center is interested in supporting the development of self-reliant energy production for the US.  Nuclear energy is one part of the larger solution to US energy independence and global climate change.

Posted by Mark Norfolk

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