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Just Published: Improved Welding of Primer-Coated Steels

EWI applications engineer Nick Kapustka and business development manager Paul Blomquist were published in the May 2015 issue of Welding Journal.   In the article “Improved Welding of Primer-Coated Steels,” the authors address welding problems associated with preconstruction primers (PCPs), also called weld-through primers.  The GMAW and FCAW pulse welding variants are discussed with test results.  The work presented in this article was funded by […]

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Just Published: Achieving Higher Productivity Rates Using Reciprocating Wire Feed GMAW

EWI Applications Engineer Nick Kapustka was published in the April 2015 issue of Welding Journal.   In his article “Achieving Higher Productivity Rates Using Reciprocating Wire Feed Gas Metal Arc Welding,” the author  compares this process with short-circuit gas metal arc welding modes and other welding methods.  Read more about it in the April issue of Welding Journal. The article is available to AWS members by […]

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Reciprocating Wire Feed GMAW – An Advanced Short Circuit GMAW Mode

Reciprocating wire feed gas metal arc welding (RWF-GMAW) is a low heat input, precisely controlled variation of the GMAW process.  With the RWF-GMAW process the wire is reciprocated in and out of the weld pool.  The wire motion is synchronized with the current waveform to produce a weld that is characterized as having minimal if […]

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Just Published: Comparing Methods for Plastics Assembly

Congratulations to EWI associate Miranda Marcus on her recently published article in Assembly (magazine): “Comparing Methods for Plastics Assembly.” Reading this article is a great way to learn more about plastics assembly. Explore the options for welding plastic parts — such as ultrasonics, laser, hot plate, and radio frequency — as well as factors to […]

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New Improved EWI Titanium Weld Color Inspection Kit!

The EWI Titanium Weld Color Inspection Kit – now considered the standard for visual inspection of titanium welds across all industries – has been upgraded to include new high definition color inspection cards. The redesigned card set was created using a new photographic technique which renders a more realistic, “truer” color image than that of […]

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Article: Potential Pitfalls in Ultrasonic Plastic Welding

Congratulations to EWI associate Miranda Marcus on her recently published article in Assembly (magazine).  “Potential Pitfalls in Ultrasonic Plastic Welding” explores the design considerations that must be taken into account to ensure optimum results in ultrasonic plastic welding. The full article is found in the March 2014 issue of Assembly. Author: Miranda Marcus, Applications Engineer, EWI. The article is freely available online […]

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Article: Exploring Arc Welding for Additive Manufacturing of Ti

Congratulations to these EWI associates on their recently published article in the Welding Journal.  “Exploring Arc Welding for Additive Manufacturing of Titanium” addresses how the gas tungsten arc process might be the answer for free-form manufacturing of parts, the size of which are not constrained by vacuum chamber dimensions. The full article is found in the March 2014 […]

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GTAW for Additive Manufacturing of Ti 6-4 Components

Components made from titanium are candidates for additive manufacturing due to both the high material cost and the long lead times on material purchases.  Electron Beam Freeform Fabrication (EBFFF) is the most widely used method for additive manufacturing of large scale titanium parts.  This process is well established but is expensive and requires the parts […]

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