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The EWI Research Library online collection contains a variety of technical materials, including EWI Technical Papers, EWI CRP Reports, IIW Reports, Literature Citations, and more. Some documents can be downloaded and others must be ordered.

If you are unable to find what you are looking for please Ask a Librarian for a comprehensive literature search in our subscription databases.

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EWI Technical Papers
Articles, presentations, and conference proceedings by EWI’s engineers, technicians, and industry experts. Our librarians can retrieve the document(s) for you following your search. Select materials are available for downloading.

EWI CRP (Cooperative Research Program) Reports
Results of research projects facilitated by EWI for organizations that share a common research need. You can download pdfs of CRP summaries and full reports.

IIW (International Institute of Welding) Reports
Reports published by the International Institute of Welding. Reports will be mailed to you upon your request.

Literature Citations
A selected sampling of published technical article citations specific to materials joining. Our librarians can retrieve the full-text article(s) for you following your search.

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Example: laser weld* and titanium
A search on laser welding will return results for “laser welding” with the words together first and then results where both words are found.
Use truncation (*) to search for words that begin with the same letters.
weld* returns weld, welds, welding, welded, weldability, etc.

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