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STC Projects in 2017 — Focus on Inspection of Dissimilar Metal Welds

May 24, 2017

STCThe EWI Strategic Technology Committee for Oil & Gas (STC) is beginning a new project to evaluate the relative accuracy and reliability of nondestructive evaluation methods for the inspection of dissimilar metal welds (DMWs). This work is important as the oil and gas industry is increasing its use of corrosion-resistant alloys. While radiographic testing can reliably detect volumetric flaws, its ability to detect sharp flaws such as hot cracks is dependent on their orientation. Phased-array automated ultrasonic testing systems offer improved flaw detection and sizing accuracy; however, the process requires more skilled personnel and its use with DMWs can be challenging.

Xsection nickel-based-alloy girth weld on clad pipeAdditional upcoming projects include assessment of the brittle fracture resistance properties of welds in seamless pipe operating just below the system’s design temperature, and the creation of guidelines for engineering critical assessment (ECA). The latter will include outlines of various ECA approaches as well as guidance on how to effectively implement results.

To learn more about current STC projects, download the recently published report, “EWI Strategic Committee for Oil & Gas: Research for 2017.”

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