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Strengthening U.S. Manufacturing Competitiveness Report

August 30, 2011

Earlier this month, my colleagues and I participated in the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminar in Traverse City, Michigan.  As part of EWI’s effort to strengthen the U.S. manufacturing base, we sponsored a booth to distribute an important report: “Strengthening Manufacturing Competitiveness.” The report was compiled by a team from EWI, American Welding Society (AWS), Babcock & Wilcox, GE Aviation, The Ohio State University, and NASA representing nearly 70 experts from industry, academia, and government who participated a two-day working conference on the topic.  The report takes a critical and objective look at the role of materials joining in U.S. manufacturing and identifies key challenges and opportunities that exist for developing a stronger U.S. manufacturing base.

Two “grand challenges” identified in the report are the need to increase the level of technical innovation domestically and the need to increase U.S. workforce competitiveness. Two broad opportunities are also identified: greater collaboration among manufacturing stakeholders; and influencing government policy and funding priorities. The report goes on to describe possible approaches to addressing the challenges and seizing opportunities that could help U.S. manufacturers and fabricators secure a stronger position on the world stage.

This free report is a must-read for all U.S. manufacturers, especially those in the auto industry.