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EWI hosts OSU future engineers

April 18, 2012
OSU materials joining engineering students

Yesterday EWI provided approximately 35 OSU engineering students and Dr. Mike Sumption, Professor of MSE&W, with an overview of EWI’s business and technologies.  The students are new to the engineering field and are currently enrolled in OSU ENG198 – Introduction to Engineering & Mfg. course.  One aspect of this OSU course is to give the students an opportunity to visit various local businesses that can help expose them to other industries & technologies within the materials joining world. The students were given a tour of the EWI labs & facilities.  Dr. Ed Herderick, Applications Engineer, spoke to the students about various processes such as additive manufacturing, arc welding, brazing & soldering, and friction welding & processing.  In addition to EWI, the students will also visit Hyper Tech Research, also located in Columbus, OH.

Dr. Ed Herderick, Applications Engineer, talks to OSU students about materials joining & welding processes

We are always pleased to have the opportunity to host OSU’s up-and-coming materials joining engineering students.  Our specialized engineers truly enjoy having the opportunity to guide them and expose them to the many prospects & opportunities in this industry.

Dr. George Ritter, Technology Leader, prepares the OSU students for their EWI facility tour

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