From rolling stock to rail welding and inspection, EWI uses advanced technologies to help clients turn their concepts into new products and services. Innovators in the railroad industry partner with us to increase lifespan, improve structural integrity, and ensure reliable operation.

For over 30 years, EWI has been the North American authority on materials joining and allied technologies for U.S. manufacturers. Our experience helping transportation and heavy manufacturers extends to the rail industry, where we have had success applying advanced technologies to improve manufacturing efficiencies. We continue to push the envelope on applied innovation, helping manufacturers meet rising demands for stronger, lighter materials, increased safety, lower fuel emissions, higher productivity, and reduced costs through innovative manufacturing technologies.

Our railroad clients leverage EWI’s expertise with new materials, nondestructive evaluation (NDE) and inspection, advanced welding and joining technologies, modeling and simulation, emerging heavy fabrication technologies, and structural integrity, allowing them to reduce costs, increase safety, and capture market share.

For more information, contact Aaron Haines, Business Development Manager at ahaines@ewi.org or 614.688.5146

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