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Laser Ultrasonic Testing: An EnLIGHTening Advancement in NDE — new paper

February 23, 2017

snipLaser ultrasonic testing (LUT) is a powerful inspection technology capable of detecting flaws such as cracks and delaminations while simultaneously determining material density and elastic properties. While LUT has traditionally been used for aerospace applications and with structural composites, advances in the technology now make it well-suited to an array of other industry applications. A new paper by Lindsey Lindamood, Laser Ultrasonic Testing: An EnLIGHTening Advancement in Nondestructive Evaluation, provides an overview of LUT technology, discusses the advantages offered by currently available systems, and describes EWI’s focus on developing comprehensive LUT capabilities.

To read the paper, click here.

Lindsey Lindamood, Ultrasonics Applications Engineer, can be reached at [email protected].