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RealWeld Meets Welder Training Needs of Construction Equipment Industry

July 13, 2012

If you talk to every plant manager or operation executive in the manufacturing industry, there is one consistent critical need across all industries – a shortage of skilled and qualified welders. RealWeld Systems, Inc. recently launched a product, RealWeld Trainer, for companies and vocational schools that will significantly shorten the time required to train students to weld.

RealWeld Trainer is a state-of-the-art training device installed in a welding booth that provides objective welding proficiency scores on five critical torch motions providing the student or the instructor with crucial feedback immediately following a weld. Often, training instructors are unable to provide one- on-one feedback directly after each weld is made due to the shared time with multiple students. This unfortunately can allow a student ample time to reinforce poor behaviors without getting that immediate correction. This significantly limits the students’ ability to learn. With RealWeld Trainer, the welding trainee can now be held accountable for self-monitoring and correcting critical torch motions…which means he (or she) learns to weld better, faster.

To be clear, the RealWeld Trainer is NOT a welder training simulator, it is not a video game. This new training tool teaches you to make a real weld. Check out www.realweldsystems.com for more information.

I’m John Coffey, Business Development Manager for Heavy Manufacturing at EWI. Email [email protected] or call me at 614.688.5281 to find out about other cool manufacturing innovations we’re using with industrial equipment manufacturers and fabricators to make them more efficient and productive.