Additive Manufacturing
Additive manufacturing (AM) encompasses a wide range of 3D printing processes which create volumes of material directly from CAD models.
EWI has been advancing arc welding for more than 25 years. Our engineers and technicians are skilled in over a dozen types of arc welding and arc hybrid technologies.
EWI’s Design, Controls & Automation (DCA) team designs and develops custom, automated solutions for materials joining and inspection.
With materials expertise and advanced testing capabilities, EWI helps aerospace, automotive, and heavy manufacturers move new products to market faster and more efficiently.
On the leading edge of friction-based processes for years, EWI has been awarded more than a half-dozen patents in this rapidly evolving technology.
From ultra high-speed fiber and disc laser welding to hybrid laser technologies, EWI continues to push the envelope on laser welding possibilities.
Expertise in chemistry, ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, polymers, and thermodynamics allows us to reach new heights in materials technology.

EWI’s laboratory contains equipment used in electronic and medical device assembly including ultrasonic and thermosonic bonders, micro-TIG welders, and precision resistance welders.

Computer modeling and simulation has dramatically changed the manufacturing decision-making process and accelerated manufacturing improvements.
Extensive equipment, facilities, and an expert staff keep EWI on the leading edge of advanced nondestructive evaluation and inspection techniques.

We work with all plastics joining processes including ultrasonic welding, laser welding, adhesive joining, and spin welding.

Resistance and solid-state processes have been the welding workhorses in manufacturing for decades, but that doesn’t mean innovation in the field has slowed.
We continue to deliver innovations in soldering and brazing, including environmentally-sound ultrasonic technologies and a unique, patented lead-free solder.
Our Structural Integrity team is adept at designing for, testing, and improving the integrity of joined structures of all sizes and materials.
From routine material certification and qualification testing to specialized prototype and high-end R&D testing, EWI has all of your lab test needs covered.
EWI is on the leading edge of high power ultrasonic processes for materials joining. Our capabilities and experience are extensive, and we continue to innovate.