Additive Manufacturing
EWI leads the way in additive manufacturing by evaluating new processes, developing material property data, and innovating advancements for in-process quality monitoring and nondestructive inspection of complex 3D structures.
With deep expertise in flexible automation, joining automation, machine vision, and automated inspection, EWI provides innovative, industry-driven automation solutions to enhance process efficiency, improve quality, and reduce operating costs.
EWI is redefining the limits of traditional arc welding processes while developing innovative techniques for adaptive welding, additive manufacturing, surfacing, and welding of high-performance materials to benefit all manufacturing sectors.
With materials expertise and advanced testing capabilities, EWI helps aerospace, automotive, and heavy manufacturers move new products to market faster and more efficiently.
We leverage our unique friction welding and friction stir welding expertise and numerous patented innovations to provide EWI customers with solid-state, low-distortion solutions to efficiently join “unweldable” and dissimilar materials without compromising material properties.
As leading innovators in high-power optics, we push the development of efficient high-speed laser welding and provide commercial manufacturers with high-precision solutions for cladding, cutting, and coating removal.
By leveraging EWI’s in-depth expertise in ferrous and non-ferrous metallurgy, polymers, chemistry, and thermodynamics, manufacturers are able to solve fabrication challenges, develop new materials, and optimize designs for safety, strength, and reliability.
lab-servicesWith the resources to research, develop, and apply advanced manufacturing technologies quickly to both existing and new microjoining processes, EWI is able to meet the needs of a marketplace that continuously demands smaller, more dependable components and systems.
We’ve developed state-of-the-art weld modeling and simulation techniques to help manufacturers understand complex thermal cycles, predict microstructures and resultant material properties, improve designs, and optimize weld-sequences more quickly and accurately than ever before.
By applying our state-of-the-art equipment, innovative methods, and advanced mathematical modeling to facilitate inspection and assessment of complex materials and components, EWI stands at the forefront of advanced NDE techniques.
With vast materials expertise, broad fusion and non-fusion joining capabilities, and years of shop-floor application experience, EWI’s plastics joining group offers manufacturers a variety of resources to help enhance flexibility and durability while reducing weight and improving efficiency.
EWI combines deep expertise in resistance and solid-state welding technologies with materials science and controls engineering knowledge to support manufacturers in optimizing process parameters, embedding quality monitoring technology in existing control systems, and integrating state-of-the-art performance prediction methods.
In addition to deep knowledge of all process variations including lead-free soldering and vacuum brazing, EWI’s innovative ultrasonic soldering and brazing processes facilitate the bonding of previously problematic dissimilar joints such as ceramic to metal or metal to glass.
EWI offers customers structural integrity assessments and recommendations for metal structures based on material testing, design analysis, fabrication methods and loading conditions.
With an extensive set of precision test equipment and a world-class engineering team, EWI is uniquely qualified to offer a full range of testing. Beyond traditional failure assessment, our experts seek out the root causes to help our customers manufacture the highest quality products.
The EWI ultrasonics team leads the field in finding new ways to apply high-power ultrasound to manufacturing. Recent innovations in joining, tooling, and additive manufacturing have already contributed to cost savings, time savings, and worker safety throughout the industry.

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