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EWI Engineers share in Career Day at Woodcrest Elementary School

May 7, 2012
Woodcrest Elementary School, Columbus, Ohio

On Friday morning, Blake McAllister, Applications Engineer, Laser Processes and Sean Gleeson, Project Engineer, NDE, participated in this year’s Career Day at Woodcrest Elementary School, which is a year-around school located in Columbus, Ohio.  They presented to approximately 100 students in 3rd and 4th grade and were two of twelve various presenters at this year’s event.  Other presenters at the event had careers in various fields such as law enforcement, financial advisors & social work.

Blake McAllister, Applications Engineer

Blake and Sean gave an overview of welding engineering then let the kids try three different activities which included: resistance spot welding, building a circuit to light an LED, and naming as many welded objects as they could identify.  They were pleased to hear that the general consensus from the students was that their presentations were by far the best and the kids loved the hands-on activities.  The students had very intelligent questions and comments about engineering and our engineers were impressed with their level of understanding and enthusiasm.

EWI was appreciative of the opportunity to present to the students at Woodcrest Elementary and we are certain that there were some future engineers in the bunch.

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