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EWI presents at AWS Energy Conference, in San Diego, CA June 12-13, 2012

April 16, 2012

EWI is presenting three topics at the AWS Energy Conference in June.  These are laser, arc, and friction stir welding topics relating to power and energy markets. The speakers for these topics will be Dr. Ian Harris, Technology Leader, Arc Welding and Brian Thompson, Sr. Engineer, Friction Stir Welding.  This two day event will be held in San Diego, CA,

EWI is the largest engineering and technology organization in North America dedicated to materials joining research and development (R&D).  Since 1984, we have provided research, consulting, assistance, and training to our member companies- leaders in aerospace, energy and chemical, heavy manufacturing, automotive, government, medical and electronics.

The AWS conference provides the welding community with a wealth of benefits, including the opportunity to network with industry peers.  The attendees are awarded PDH (Professional Development Hour) for each hour of conference attendance.

My name is Dr. Ian Harris.  If you have any questions about this event, or this blog, please feel free to contact me at [email protected], or contact me at 614.688.5000.