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EWI & the Pinewood Derby car race – Update

March 29, 2012
Engineers at work: Ed Herderick (right) Jeff Root (middle) and Steve Massey (left)

Our EWI engineers are in their final push in preparation for this Saturday’s big Pinewood Derby race to be held at the “old” Battelle building off of King Ave. in Columbus, OH.  The stock car and unlimited entries are coming along nicely.   Today our engineers will be testing and fine-tuning our Pinewood Derby cars.  Everything is going as planned and EWI promises to deliver several unusual, entertaining and high speed entries.

The engineers who are a part of this project are:

Sean Gleeson – Project Engineer, Non-Destructive Evaluation

Steve Massey – Engineering Manager, Arc Welding

Ed Herderick – Applications Engineer, Materials & Structural Integrity

Jeff Root – Applications Engineer, Advanced Automation

Blake McAllister – Applications Engineer, Lasers

ALSO the Pinewood Derby attracted the attention of the Discovery Channel Canada’s Daily Planet show. They will be in town and will be interviewing a representative from each team. The Columbus Dispatch will also be there to witness the race.  Other competitors in this event are Battelle’s Armored Car Division, OSU-CAR, and of course one Cub Scout.

To view the complete photo album of EWI and the Pinewood Derby project visit us on Facebook.

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