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EWI Colorado Hosts Facility Premiere; Opens Doors to Statewide Audience

By Marcie Willard on Monday, November 21st, 2016

outdoor-signOn November 9, EWI celebrated the opening of its third R&D facility, EWI Colorado. Located in Loveland at the Rocky Mountain Center for Innovation and Technology, EWI Colorado joins labs in Ohio and New York as the company’s newest manufacturing center of excellence. More than 200 representatives from manufacturing firms and organizations, educational institutions, and state and local government attended the facility premiere.  The evening included tours of the state-of-the-art lab and demonstrations of EWI’s technical capabilities. crowd-4

To showcase the quality measurement focus area of the Colorado facility, EWI demonstrated its new, cutting-edge equipment used for advanced nondestructive evaluation (array eddy current, infrared thermographic imaging, and phased-array ultrasound). Each display highlighted the applications of the machines and their relevance to industries such as aerospace, medical device, automotive, energy, and electronics.

Technical capabilities available through EWI’s other two locations were also demonstrated. These included advanced automation, x-ray computed tomography, microjoining, and metals additive manufacturing. Technical experts from across the EWI network were on hand to discuss how EWI can  help manufacturers optimize their processes to innovate and succeed in today’s highly competitive global marketplace.


EWI Colorado Director Rick Gardner gives opening remarks

EWI Colorado Director Rick Gardner gives opening remarks


EWI President and CEO Henry Cialone addresses the guests

EWI President and CEO Henry Cialone addresses the guests










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