Advanced Energy

EWI is powering the next generation of renewable energy and storage systems through technology development in advanced materials joining, nondestructive evaluation, and flexible automation.

Companies in the nuclear, battery, fuel cell, solar, grid storage, and wind sectors come to EWI for help with prototyping, design for manufacturing, testing, and technology transfer into the manufacturing environment. We make advanced energy manufacturers more competitive by improving their processes to meet ever-increasing reliability and efficiency needs.

When working to address challenges in the energy sector, we leverage our multidisciplinary expertise in materials, computational modeling, microjoining, flexible automation and controls, and nondestructive evaluation (NDE) to deliver precision-engineered solutions. One such example is our extensive work with advanced battery companies to develop and categorize battery assembly techniques for a variety of materials. By applying our varied experience and technical knowledge, EWI serves as a valuable contributor throughout product and process development.

Contact Aaron Haines, Business Development Manager, at or 614.688.5146 to find out how EWI can help you stay ahead of the competition.

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